I’m A Crappy Parent 

 I said,” Goddamnit Aubrey!” After she dropped the container of blueberries on the floor of “the lion store” as my kids call food lion. No one had slept well. Everyone was cranky, because the whiny morning had stretched into an empty-fridged lunch time that was stretching farther still into nap time. And we were trying to shop. Never mind that we were all dressed in shades of orange( although I only dressed two of us today) never mind that the girls’ hair was done. 
My 4 yo had demonstrated perseverance while putting on her shoes. It was a big moment for us because she tends to give up when things are hard to do. I patiently explained to her what the word meant and that I was incredibly proud of her! Still, that moment was a little dimmed to me because I had just been yelling at the two big girls to stop dallying so we could go to the store. 
I constantly tell myself to ,”be more patience! You’re being a crappy mom!” But then I tell myself,” Aubrey calls for you every morning- no one else. Aparis-God for all our struggles- still wants to cuddle ever single night with you. Regardless of how much trouble she’s gotten into that day. Amor vies for her share of affection as well. She demands a kiss and a hug when You leave for work, and cried if You leave when she’s asleep.” I’m not a crappy mom. Just a imperfect human one. I judge myself harshly, but I use it as motivation to keep improving. I believe my kids deserve a better mom then what I am. So I keep trying to be the mom they deserve and need. 

This was a nice read, and inspiration for this post. http://www.askyourdadblog.com/2015/07/dear-crappy-parent.html?m=1